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Jean-Benoit & Anne, Belgio

Now that the purchase of our house is completed, I want to take a moment to thank you for the very professional work you have delivered and the highly qualitative approach you have had throughout the process. You have been listening carefully to our needs, understood them and have only presented us with properties meeting those needs. Right from the beginning you have been clear and transparent with potential costs, fees and taxes at various stages of the process which was useful and reassuring. You have kept your word on all the statements made and we haven’t had any (bad) surprises at any moment. We particularly appreciated the fact that you took time to explain us -as foreigners- many things around administrative intricacies, renovation possibilities, garden maintenance, volterran quality of life and many other details that helped us at every stage. Even now that the purchase is completed you are still there to advise potential partners for various type of work, always with quality in mind. So thank you so much for making our dream come true, always there to try to remove any hassle rather than create more ! It is a pleasure working with you and I would definitely recommend to anybody asking me.