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Nicolas Guilhot, New York

I was lucky to buy a house through Volterracasa. Francesco, the owner and agent, made the whole experience almost seamless. From the outset, he was extremely efficient and professional, and could be relied upon to provide all the information I needed in a timely fashion. There were no hidden fees, no last minute surprises - everything went exactly according to plan. The deal was concluded rapidly, and he assisted me through the entire contract process, all the way to the sale itself. Once the deal was closed, Francesco did not simply move on to other clients: even though he no longer had any financial stakes in our relationship, he helped me with all sorts of things, from switching utilities contracts to making his own house available as temporary storage for our belongings. He offered the friendliest and most amazing customer service one can think of. And it is a true pleasure to see him every time I am in Volterra. Highly recommended.